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Sea forwarding

International sea freight from our company is a profitable and popular way to transport goods, especially large shipments between countries and continents. Sea container transportation meets all delivery requirements and is optimized at every stage. We take care of the entire process of preparing cargo for transportation, starting with documentary support and ending with delivery to the right place. Thus, transportation of liquid cargo by sea is carried out by tank container. We also use them to ensure that the transport of dangerous goods by sea is safe and environmentally friendly. Regardless of whether the recipient country has access to the sea (ocean) or not, we will deliver the cargo in any case, using multimodal transportation with delivery of the cargo to the nearest port by land transport.

Advantages of international sea freight

Delivery of goods by sea has some disadvantages (journey time, for example), but there are many positive aspects:

  • high ergonomics of maritime transport, which reduces costs;
  • the ability to transport large consignments of all types of cargo;
  • access to all parts of the world with ports;
  • operational transshipment procedures.

Shipping logistics are designed in such a way that each voyage is as profitable as possible for customers. Cargo transportation by sea can also be groupage, starting from 50 kilograms.

Our cargo transportation by sea is one of the most reliable and safest types of transportation. Therefore, we cooperate with the largest enterprises that need systematic delivery of cargo to different parts of the planet. Sea freight transport allows you to deliver vehicles, equipment, machinery and other cargo over long distances.

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