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Transhipment terminal

Having a transshipment terminal is a very important advantage for our BAGAT freight forwarding company, because thanks to it the quick and safe change of the means of transportation does not create any problems. It is known, that there are routes that cannot be covered with only one type of transportation, in this case the transshipment terminal is an excellent solution to a difficult situation. Therefore, the use of our services allows the customer not to worry that during transshipment between certain means of transportation, the goods may be damaged, or that they will not be delivered to the consignee within the prescribed time. We invite you to cooperate!

Transshipment terminals

Cargo transportation sometimes requires the use of more than one means of transportation, as well as a lot of space and special skills. Appropriate documentation must also be completed. Suitable conditions for this kind of work are provided by the transshipment terminal. What it is. This term defines the place where the means of transportation is changed for a particular cargo. Due to the large quantities of goods, their size and the specificity of the means of transport, the terminal cannot be built everywhere. It requires a sufficiently large space (including storage space), a flat, reinforced surface, and a place that is easy to reach by all supported means. Transshipment terminals are in most cases located in close proximity to airports and seaports, and at the same time close to roads and railways, as well as being sufficiently far from human settlements.

Types of transshipment terminals

Transshipment terminals can be divided into universal and specialized. The first category includes partial loads, namely: conventional and containerized partial loads. Mass terminals intended for handling various types of goods, liquid or dry, should also be mentioned. The last type of universal terminals are mixed terminals, suitable for both partial cargoes and bulk cargoes. While as for specialized terminals, these include groupage, ferry, unit cargo and bulk terminals intended for handling a specific type of product (such as gas or oil ports). We ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading. We have the necessary vehicles and equipment. We must emphasize, that due to the differences in rail gauge in Europe and the East, it is not possible to transport goods directly to the East. Our company BAGAT, however, has its own transshipment terminal on the border with Belarus, including the necessary infrastructure for transshipment and storage. We have specially adapted forklifts for loading and unloading wagons even with the lowest door openings, as well as personnel with many years of experience in professionally securing goods carried by wagons. We also handle international shipments.

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