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Railway transport

Rail forwarding

Most people probably associate the transportation of various types of cargo with the use of delivery trucks for this purpose. Although their use generally brings the desired results in the form of delivery of a given commodity to a given address in a fairly short time, rail forwarding has clearly gained in popularity recently. The transportation of agricultural machinery, foodstuffs or production lines in wagons of various destinations and dimensions brings many advantages.

We guarantee efficient and safe railcar transshipment

One of the main advantages associated with rail forwarding is undoubtedly the ability to transport a much larger (and often oversized) volume of cargo. In a situation where transporting them using cars is impossible, e.g. due to the risk of road damage, very often rail transport turns out to be necessary. BAGAT’s offer also allows you to use it when it is necessary to transport certain goods using more than one means of transport. Transshipment from railcars, which we offer, proceeds so efficiently and safely that during its performance the risk of delaying the delivery of the load to the right place or damaging it is practically zero.

Freight transportation by rail – its advantage over car transport of cargo

Rail freight forwarding is one of the many services offered to our customers and a willingly chosen method of transporting various types of cargo, also due to the fact that, placed in locomotive cars, it is almost completely protected from the effects of adverse weather conditions. In addition, in general, the transport of goods by rail is much faster than if they were transported by car.

Rail forwarding – rail transport and carriage of goods by rail.

Rail forwarding is excellent for transporting large quantities of goods – whether between localities or between countries. Carriage of goods by rail is ideal for all kinds of bulk materials. A huge advantage is also the lack of dependence on the degree of urbanization of the area. Our company BAGAT specializes in rail transportation of goods. The range of services includes, among others, rail forwarding on the line Poland – Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan – Poland and Poland – Russia, Russia – Poland. We handle domestic and international transportation in both export, import and transit relations. Transports are carried out both in single wagons, as well as in wagon groups and full train sets. They are carried out in standard-gauge and broad-gauge wagons. This is because the nature of East/West transport often requires reloading of goods from European gauge railroads to wider eastern gauge railroads. In our company we have our own transshipment terminal with the necessary infrastructure to freely carry out such transshipments. We guarantee a comprehensive organization of the supply chain including both customs clearance and rail transport, transshipment and delivery of goods to the customer by the chosen means of transport.

Comprehensive transportation of goods by rail

The rail freight forwarding services we offer include both the organization of transportation and the identification of the best route, assistance in choosing the best mode of transport (there is a choice of wagon and container), loading and unloading of transported goods, export and import customs clearance formalities, shipment monitoring, as well as Cargo insurance. We also provide various types of transportation-related services. We are able to effectively optimize both the time and cost of transshipment from railcars. If you care about safe, timely transportation of goods by rail, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available offer and join the ranks of our regular, satisfied customers. The range of services also includes oversize transport.

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