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International freight forwarding

International forwarding, the detailed planning and execution of which at the highest level is provided by BAGAT to its customers, allows entrepreneurs to send specific cargoes to many European countries (and beyond). Our task, on the other hand, is to ensure that they are properly secured and then delivered on time and to the specified address. We are equally assisted in carrying out international forwarding (in both directions) by experienced and skilled specialists and an extensive fleet of vehicles. It consists mainly of delivery trucks of various dimensions, and in the case of rail transport – wagons with specific purposes, i.e. platforms, coal cars, covered 120-158 m3, isotherms. We are also able to offer BAGAT’s customers combined international transportation, which means that the use of more than one means of transport to cover a given route with a particular commodity is not the slightest problem for us. So we invite everyone to get in touch with us to determine the details of cooperation.

International forwarding – international combined transport

International forwarding is a service that consists in organizing the translocation of material goods. It is based on the planning and management of the activities carried out in such a way as to enable the rapid and safe transport of goods from one point to another. Freight forwarding includes not only transportation, but also storage and creation of documents related to the goods, repacking, Cargo insurance and customs clearance, as well as checking the contents at the destination point. As the process of international forwarding is often quite complicated, we encourage you to take advantage of our professional services. We guarantee punctuality and full commitment. We will be happy to provide the necessary advice on the forwarding process, the selection of appropriate means of transportation, the preparation of the necessary transport documentation and the conclusion of the contract of carriage.

International combined transport

The scope of our company’s activities also includes international combined transport. This term is a form of cargo transportation using more than 1 forwarding branch. The initial or final stage of the transfer of goods is carried out in this case by motor vehicles. On the other hand, the remaining sections of the route use other forms of shipment, such as inland navigation, sea freight or rail freight. International combined transport is available in several versions that differ in the number and type of operators of the transport performed. Here you can choose from bimodal, intermodal and multimodal transport. Our company also provides other types of services. These include, among others, oversized transport. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and join the ranks of our customers!

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