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Oversized Transport

Individual agricultural machinery, heavy equipment used in the mining industry or wind turbines are among the many cargoes whose delivery to a customer’s specified address can pose a problem. Not meeting the requirements for the dimensions of cargoes permitted to be transported by land or sea, the only solution in their case turns out to be oversize transport. Using it becomes a necessity when the width of the goods in question exceeds 2.5 meters, the weight exceeds 42 tons, the height exceeds 4 meters, and the length of semi-trailers and trailers exceeds 16.5 and 18.5 meters respectively.

Why is oversize transport performed by BAGAT effective?

With many years of experience in planning and organizing oversize transport, BAGAT is able to guarantee its customers the transportation of the aforementioned (and other) goods efficiently and safely, no matter how impressive in terms of dimensions they appear. Our fleet of vehicles consists of trucks and other machines, the use of which in oversized transport allows us to meet the expectations of all entrepreneurs looking for a way to transport exceptionally demanding cargo to the desired location. Taking an individual approach to them, we quickly and accurately select not only the appropriate vehicle with which they will be transported, but also, among other things, the route to be covered by the driver.

We carry out attractively priced and safe oversize transports

Oversize transport by BAGAT is a service that is in high demand largely due to the fact that over the years of our activity we have managed to successfully carry it out really many times. The skills and years of experience of specialists in the industry mean that any, even particularly large cargo is sure to reach its addressee. Oversize transports performed by us are, moreover, attractively priced, as well as planned in such a way that the assortment does not suffer even in the slightest degree from adverse road or weather conditions. Oversize cargo transportation, which we offer, always brings satisfactory results. It is worth seeing for yourself!

Oversize transport – transport of oversize cargoes

One of the services provided by our company is oversize transport, also known as oversize transport. This term is used to describe the transportation of cargo, the dimensions and weight of which exceed the legal standards for movement on the road – whether national or international. We realize that each transport of oversized cargo requires a fully individual approach. One of its most important elements is proper planning of the entire process. This will consist of the preparation of a route plan, the matching of an appropriate vehicle and the adjustment of the road infrastructure for the duration of the oversize transport. We guarantee fully safe, optimal transportation, taking into account the necessary standards. We also take care of the organization of the required permits and insurance of the transported cargo.

Oversize transport – necessary permits and possible types of cargoes

To organize oversize transport, it is necessary to have the necessary permits. They are divided into 7 categories:

  • Category I – refers to the road that the transport will travel.
  • Category II – these are permits for slow-moving vehicles.
  • Categories III and IV – are issued for a slightly longer period of time, they mainly determine the dimensions of the vehicle in question, including the load
  • Categories V and VI – in this case the permissible total weight of vehicles is 60 tons.
  • Category VII – is applicable when the parameters of oversized vehicles in terms of dimensions exceed those specified in the categories described above.

Oversize transport most often includes agricultural machinery, tanks, structural elements of warehouses or halls, steel structures, heavy road, construction and mining equipment, production lines, industrial equipment, wind power plants and infrastructure, for example, in the form of towers or bridge spans. We are able to undertake any, even the most demanding oversize transport. Our range of services also includes international forwarding.

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