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Synthetic biofuel – the future of the transport sector

20 March 2024

The topic of decarbonization of the transport sector is one of the most important tasks of Parliament
European. As we mentioned earlier, the agreement must be approved
representatives of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament and the Member States in
Council (Coreper).

The priority goal of the convention is to reduce CO2 emissions, and the best
the most effective way to achieve this goal is to use biofuels. One of them is
HVO100, which is synthetic, renewable and has the same chemical properties as
diesel. What’s more, using it does not require replacing the vehicle fleet.

Unfortunately, the lack of a clear legal framework and high production costs are obstacles
in the use of HVO100 in Poland. However, this does not mean that other countries do not use this fuel.
It is most popular in Scandinavian countries. Another factor that limits him
use, there is a high price, higher than ordinary diesel fuels. Moreover, the transport itself
HVO100 is very expensive.

The Polish Organization of Petroleum Industry and Trade is conducting talks with the state administration
in this case. Julian Michański, Operations and Supply Manager of the Eurowag Group,
emphasizes that introducing new diesel oil to the market and obtaining a license for it
sales require the establishment of quality parameters within the framework of legal regulations.
It will probably be included in the list of fuels with the designation 43.
The European Commission estimates that in 2025 HVO production will increase to 32 million tonnes and five
years later to 39 million tons.

In summary, achieving fully neutral road transport takes time. Are needed
not only legal changes enabling faster introduction of biofuels to the market, but also
equalization of diesel prices. It is also worth remembering that work on the implementation is ongoing
electric trucks, which suggests that the use of biofuels may have a character

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