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Farmers’ protests and the situation of transport companies

20 March 2024

Blockade of the border crossing with Ukraine

Farmers’ protests affect the difficult situation of transport companies. More roads, highways and border crossings are closed. The road towards the crossing with Ukraine in Dorohusk has been blocked for 35 days. The chairman of the protest, Wojciech Łoś, announced that from March 13. from 1 p.m. farmers will let trucks waiting in line pass through. As he emphasized, “we are opening the border and that’s it, but we don’t know when yet.” Moreover, he noted that the blockade of trucks going from Ukraine to Poland will continue, only Ukrainian drivers coming from Poland will be allowed to pass. The Granica mobile application shows that the current time waiting time at the Dorohusk truck crossing is as long as 327 hours, which is over 13 days. Unfortunately, it is constantly getting longer.

Difficulties on the routes

From March 12 until March 15. until 12:00, the junctions on the A2 motorway are blocked: the Skierniewice, Wiskitki and Łowicz junctions. Trucks cannot use the designated detours and must head towards Sochaczew, Warsaw, Jeżów or Rawa Mazowiecka.

For the next three weeks, from March 13, on the section of national road No. 19, traffic disruptions are expected in the area of the crossing in Barwinek (Polish-Slovak border) due to further farmers’ strikes. The police appealed for alternative routes.

General protest of farmers

The greatest difficulties are expected on March 20. A general protest of farmers covering the entire country is to take place on this day. Municipal and district authorities receive further notifications about planned road blockades. In addition, strikes are expected in provincial cities, as well as demonstrations near offices.

There is information on social media that the A4 motorway on the Brzezimierz – Przylesie section will be blocked for up to 30 days. A similar blockade is planned, among others, on DK19 in Kózki and DK62 in Frankopol. Announcements about the closure of subsequent sections of routes appear more and more often.

Details of organizing strikes in individual regions are currently being determined, but national road paralysis and long queues of trucks throughout Poland can already be predicted.

*as of March 13, 2024. 10 o’clock

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