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Road transport

Road transport

Road transport of goods

Road transport of cargo - one of the most convenient and economical methods of distributing goods over short and medium distances, which is very popular among our customers.

BAGAT specialists have many years of experience in organizing international transport of heavy, oversized, dangerous cargo and cargo requiring special transport conditions.

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Railway transport

Railway transport

Rail freight transport

BAGAT offers a full range of services in the field of rail transport of goods from Western Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other Central Asian countries, as well as in the opposite direction.

Thanks to our own transshipment terminal on the border of Poland and Belarus and a unique wagon loading system, we offer our customers competitive prices combined with high quality services. We will optimize your current freight transport pattern so that you can efficiently deliver as much goods as possible at a lower price.

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Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Project Cargo

This is the most demanding branch of logistics, which includes the planning and transport of goods requiring an individual approach. Most often, it is the transport of large (oversized, oversized, heavy) elements and structures, transport in difficult conditions and the transport of large amounts of goods (e.g. linear transport) at the same time.

Transport of exceptional cargo and more

Experienced employees of our company will guarantee help in solving even the most complicated problem. They will organize all necessary activities during the entire transport: unloading and loading of goods with heavy cranes, organizing pilotage, obtaining permits, arrangements with road managers, the Police or local authorities, etc.

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Groupage transport

Groupage transport

Transport of small loads

We help our clients save on freight transport: in this case, the rate applies only to the space that the cargo actually takes up in the vehicle, and not to the entire vehicle.

International groupage transport

Small loads coming from Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. are delivered to a warehouse in Poland, after which the load is sent to the recipient's address in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

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Air transport

Air transport

Air cargo transportation

The fastest and most reliable transportation option. Air cargo transport is most popular among customers who value their time. There is a myth that the costs of air transport are very high, but our specialists with many years of experience in air transport can provide their clients with the most competitive prices, comparable to road transport.

Air cargo transportation

The weight of cargo transported by plane is practically unlimited!
We transport all types of goods starting from 0.5 kg: cardboard boxes, pallets, aggregates, oversized; expensive, dangerous, fragile, non-standard.

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Sea shipments

Sea shipments

Sea transport of containers, cars and more

A convenient and most economical way to deliver goods over long distances. Maritime transport is not about door-to-door distribution of goods, which is why we offer our clients a multimodal system including road and/or rail transport to deliver the cargo to its destination.

Shipments by ocean transport

We cooperate with the largest ports in the world: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Gdańsk, Klaipėda, Bremerhaven, Barcelona, ​​Novorossiysk, Poti, Vladivostok and many others.

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Get to know us better

BAGAT forwarding company from Białystok

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BAGAT – a trustworthy forwarding company

In Białystok, our company’s activity is based on forwarding, a service dedicated to entrepreneurs. Everyone will certainly appreciate the fact that our fleet consists of vehicles perfectly adapted to transport loads of various sizes and properties. Correct securing of the cargo guarantees that it will always arrive at the indicated address in perfect condition, which distinguishes our Białystok-based forwarding company from many others. BAGAT locomotives with wagons of various purposes and capacities (platforms, coal wagons, covered 120-158 m3 or isothermal) also depart towards selected countries. This allows for easy, fast and uncomplicated transport, including: construction materials, industrial chemicals, household appliances and electronics, food, engine and hydraulic oil, alcohol, heavy and oversized loads, machines and generators, raw materials, production lines and many others.

Why is our forwarding service so popular in Białystok?

The BAGAT forwarding company from Białystok, which we have managed since 2010, offers its clients the opportunity to use the help of personal managers on any day of the week and at any time. Our activity is also distinguished by the scrupulousness in monitoring subcontractors for safety, which significantly contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of the shipments we carry out. It is worth emphasizing that Białystok is not the only city where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to cooperate with BAGAT, because we also provide our services in many other Polish cities.

  • 55 People in our team
  • 15 € million Turnover in 2020
  • 7500 + Number of transports carried out in 2020

Our strengths

Why is it worth choosing us?

We will deliver your cargo safely and intact
Your personal manager is available 24/7
We can inform you every day about the traceability of your cargo
We will deliver the goods exactly on the agreed date
Professional help in every situation
We carefully monitor subcontractors for safety
We have our own transhipment terminal
We have forwarder's liability insurance

BAGAT forwarding company

How to choose a good forwarding company? There are several factors to consider. One of them is the expectations towards this type of enterprises. You should take into account what type of goods will be transported by the forwarder – pallets, general cargo, or maybe oversized? It is also important to be able to rent various types of vehicles: both small and large trucks and specialized vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks or platforms for transporting oversized loads. When choosing a forwarding company, you should also take into account the industry in which the company operates. Not all shipping companies ship internationally. Before starting cooperation with a forwarding company, it is worth checking opinions online. It would also be a good idea to obtain information from friendly companies that use this type of services. If you are looking for an honest, proven and reliable forwarding company, please check out our offer.

Our clients value us primarily for the professionalism of the services we provide. We organize and implement activities related to the transport of various types of goods (of various sizes and properties) not only within the country, but also towards individual European countries. We also operate in countries located on other continents. The experience gained since our company appeared on the market in 2010 allows us to undertake any forwarding task.

An additional advantage is the fact that our headquarters is located in Białystok, a city located near the eastern border, close to the border with Belarus, where we have our own transshipment terminal.


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